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Our Mission

Here at Strict Media, where we're all about creativity, our dreams are mostly about how we can deliver concepts visually! We always aim to walk open eyed and open minded, trying to take in as much as life has to offer us and reflect this in our creative work.

Our heroes, our children, who live the way we only dream of now, an appetite to learn new things and not be afraid, to be free and not be tied to a preconception of how it "should be", as if we are seeing things for the first time. But best of all, the ability to get over excited and over-stood.

Self motivated, talented creatives with affiliations and strategic networks with highly regarded groups of professionals, Strict Media offers its clients a rich wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and web development industry.

Responsive Designs

We provide fluid, mobile ready (responsive) designs that are viewable on portable devices.

Statistical Analysis

We supply statistical data and analyse what works for your target audience.

Satisfaction Garanteed

Whether a simple branding exercise or site build, you'll be happy with the end product.


Meet with us face to face to discuss your needs. We're not shy. We'll buy the coffee.

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