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28 Mar 2016

The Internet & Your Online Privacy

There is no argument over the fact that internet poses a serious threat to the privacy of each and every single individual who spends a reasonable amount of time online. However, there are a number of tips which you can follow in order to make sure that the your online privacy is more secure, even while you are surfing on the Internet. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent tips you can follow to keep […]

27 Jan 2016

Web Design & Development

When web designing, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to achieve an effective result that our client will be happy with. Colour and fonts change the look and feel of a  web design drastically and there can be cognitive effects of colours that need to be taken into consideration when selecting colour schemes. Layouts must be produced with the end user in mind. They should be easy on the eye and logically flow. If an end […]

06 Dec 2015

E-Commerce & Shopping safely this Christmas

With Black Friday & Cyber Monday now over, online e-commerce website owners should now get ready for the Christmas & New Year shopping rush. With e-commerce being the fastest growing retail market in Europe, it is not to be sniffed at! More and more companies are putting their product stock online as this is the easiest and quickest way for their potential customers to view what they have to offer and make a purchase. Customers no longer need to leave […]

13 Nov 2015
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30 Sep 2015

The History of Print …continued

It was not until the early eighteenth century that the printing on a soot surface became possible by lithography which made use of a chemical process to create prints of an image or text. Instead of using the stone tablets, it was now possible to use flexible aluminum, polyester, mylar or paper printing plates. The very next step to lithography was chemolithography that became a very appreciated and successful color printing medium in the 19th century. Initially it made use […]

20 Aug 2015

The History of Print

The history of print goes back to the time of Mesopotamian civilisation before 3000 BCE where round cylinder seals were used to imprint the images on the clay tablets. In other parts of the world, especially China and Egypt, wooden blocks were used to print on silk and some earlier designs were composed of floral printing in three different colours. The Harappan civilisation in the Indus Valley (currently located in Pakistan) were the first ones to use the modern techniques […]

30 Jun 2015

Attention to Detail

It is an important asset that comes with experience, knowledge and practice. Attention to detail can be fundamental in almost any situation whether it be trivial or life threatening. A simple decimal in the wrong place could be detrimental to a company’s finances. Just one little mistake or oversight can put off a potential client or influence your reputation forever. Having exceptional attention to detail can demonstrate an awareness of your surroundings and the acumen to fulfill what is required […]

26 May 2015
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The World of Social Media and Marketing

All social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have evolved, since they were first developed, to accommodate the ever-changing habits of it’s users and the Internet. Did you know that Facebook was originally created for American university students only? You were not able to join unless you were invited by a current member and possessed a recognised US university email address from an approved university list. This slowly transitioned to international universities but still adopted the “invite only” […]

01 Apr 2015
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30 Mar 2015
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Why You Need a Legitimate SEO Company

In today’s modern world, simply having a website is not sufficient. Your website must be constantly optimised to achieve a good ranking status amongst your competitors. If unmonitored, you could take yourself out of the running and possibly lose sales. There are a number of key factors that play a massive role in how your website is listed such as meta descriptions, alt tags, page titles, social networking status, back-links and reputation amongst the market (reviews). SEO is very time […]