The Internet & Your Online Privacy


There is no argument over the fact that internet poses a serious threat to the privacy of each and every single individual who spends a reasonable amount of time online. However, there are a number of tips which you can follow in order to make sure that the your online privacy is more secure, even while you are surfing on the Internet. We have taken the liberty of mentioning a few of the prominent tips you can follow to keep your online privacy more secure.


Social Media Profile

It is important that you are not stuffing all of your profiles on different social media with information that is not even relevant. Mention what is necessary only.

The Hardware

It must be kept in mind at all times that a major reason behind your privacy being invaded is the access of an unauthorised user to your hardware such as the computer system. Keep a check on who has access or makes use of your devices as well.

Private Browsing

In order to prevent hackers or such frauds to get your information or invade your privacy, most of the major Internet Browsers have built in features of private browsing. Make use of it and you’ll ensure that you have locked possible fraudsters out of your system.

Password Generator

We recommended you make use of a password generator in order to make sure that all of your passwords are strong. The stronger the password, the lower the risk of getting hacked. If you don’t use a password generator, try to ensure your password includes most if not all of the following:

  • uppercase characters
  • lowercase characters
  • letters
  • numbers
  • symbols
  • minimum of 8 characters

Two Factor Authentications

All of the major websites like Google, Hotmail, Facebook, Twitter etc. have an added feature of two factor authentications, which require you to put an additional security code once you login to the website before using it. Using such authentications may help a great deal against theft.

Google Alert

Make sure that you are utilising the brilliant feature of google alert that has recently been introduced. It will ensure that google will alert you immediately as soon as someone mentions your name on the Internet or talked about you. It helps a great deal in keeping everything in check.

Payment Gateways

It is recommended that you only purchase items online from websites that use well known online payment Gateways such as PayPal, SagePay or WorldPay. This way, if there are any future disputes over your order, you can go through the correct channels to get your money refunded and any relevant information you need on the seller.

Strict Media are SagePay approved Partners and recommend SagePay to all of our clients selling products online.


Last but not the least, when setting up answers to security questions, make use of pretend answers and always use the same so you won’t forget either. The most common security question people use is your mother’s maiden name. Sometimes, this information can be accessed easily. So instead, use an answer that won’t be easily guessed. It is not required of you to enter the correct answers to those security questions. As long as YOU know the answers.

Now that you are aware of some of the tips and tricks that you can make use of while surfing on the Internet, you are better equipped to keep your privacy intact. So start implementing the above mentioned tips to feel safer online and see the difference for yourself.

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