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When web designing, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to achieve an effective result that our client will be happy with. Colour and fonts change the look and feel of a  web design drastically and there can be cognitive effects of colours that need to be taken into consideration when selecting colour schemes.

Layouts must be produced with the end user in mind. They should be easy on the eye and logically flow. If an end user is unable to instinctively navigate through the web site, it will have a negative effect on the usability of the web site and in turn, may result in a decrease in online ranking.

Load speeds are also a major factor in usability. This may not necessarily be a factor for a web designer, but a web developer will need to take this into consideration if the web design involves a number of high quality images. So the designer will need to generate good quality images with the least amount of impact of load times.

Modern web designs and layouts use one page web sites which can provide a fresh new way of navigating. However, it can dilute the keywords within the page and could have a negative effect on page ranking.

Since Google updated their algorithm in April 2015, website can now facing de-ranking if they are not responsive (mobile ready). So as well as designing a website for desktop computers, designs must now be produced for all devices such as phones ad tablets. Factors to be considered for responsive devices are menus and fluidity. When developing a website, if you begin styling correctly, responsiveness may not be a major change.

All the above, just about scratched the surface of web design and development. Web designers and developers must constantly research into search engine algorithms as well as the psychological behaviours of end users. All of which contribute to an effective and desirable web site.

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