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13 Nov 2015
strict media company branding

The Importance of Company Branding

So what actually is company branding? It’s not just a logo or a name. It encompasses everything about the company. The colour, the size, the proportion, the font, the placement; all play a key part in good branding. It’s the company image, ethos, the voice, the first impression; which is why you need to get it right. As time goes on, styles inevitably change. If done right, branding can remain timeless. Take the McDonald’s logo for instance. They have kept the golden arches […]

01 Apr 2015
strict media logo evolution company branding

Logo Evolution

When you see a logo, you just see the finished product. You don’t see the countless hours gone in to getting to that final stage and the logo evolution that took place. Take our logo for instance. There were numerous variations and ideas before deciding on the main emblem. Once we agreed on the emblem, we then had variations of font, colour, size and placement. All of which were carefully considered. If a logo is designed properly, you should be […]