Attention to Detail

It is an important asset that comes with experience, knowledge and practice. Attention to detail can be fundamental in almost any situation whether it be trivial or life threatening. A simple decimal in the wrong place could be detrimental to a company’s finances. Just one little mistake or oversight can put off a potential client or influence your reputation forever. Having exceptional attention to detail can demonstrate an awareness of your surroundings and the acumen to fulfill what is required to a high standard.

You can find extraordinary attention to detail in all aspects of the media industry. Artists showcase this skill undoubtedly in their finished pieces. For example, Richard Stone is renowned for his exceptional work. So much so that he has been commissioned by the Royal Family to complete Royal portraits of the family members, including the Queen.

We are currently developing some artwork based around this concept which we will be showcasing to our clients/subscribers in the very near future so watch this space!

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