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27 Jan 2016

Web Design & Development

When web designing, there are key factors to take into consideration in order to achieve an effective result that our client will be happy with. Colour and fonts change the look and feel of a  web design drastically and there can be cognitive effects of colours that need to be taken into consideration when selecting colour schemes. Layouts must be produced with the end user in mind. They should be easy on the eye and logically flow. If an end […]

30 Jun 2015

Attention to Detail

It is an important asset that comes with experience, knowledge and practice. Attention to detail can be fundamental in almost any situation whether it be trivial or life threatening. A simple decimal in the wrong place could be detrimental to a company’s finances. Just one little mistake or oversight can put off a potential client or influence your reputation forever. Having exceptional attention to detail can demonstrate an awareness of your surroundings and the acumen to fulfill what is required […]

29 Mar 2015
Strict Media New Website

Our New Website

A classic case of “Cobbler’s Shoes”. They say you could always tell a cobbler by his shoes. A cobbler would spend all their time on repairing their customer’s shoes, they don’t have time to do their own. The same applied here. We cared so much about prioritising our own clients, that we didn’t have a website. But not any longer. Welcome to our new, sleek and stylish design. You’ll find lots of information about us, what we’re getting up to […]